Invest in Affordable, High Quality Health Care

We live next door to the best hospital in the country, but too many of our neighbors are unable to access the health care they need to be healthy and happy. Freeing families from the burden of ever-increasing health care costs must be a priority. I am committed to exploring any solution that provides universal health care, including access to essential mental health care, to every family in Southeast Minnesota.

Cultivate Excellent Public Schools

Our communities are home to exceptional public schools and every student in Southeast Minnesota deserves the opportunity to receive an education that prepares them for their future. Our region’s educational opportunities, from early childhood through higher education, prepare our workforce to earn the wages & benefits that contribute to our shared economic strength. I passionately believe we must invest in highly qualified teachers and schools that prepare our children for the 21st century and we must prioritize solutions that make higher education more accessible so that our next generation’s workforce isn’t crippled by student loan debt.

Strengthen Our Technology, Transportation, and Housing Infrastructure

We know Southeast Minnesota is an amazing place to live, but we also know not everyone shares in the economic prosperity of our growing communities. Every person should have access to a high-speed neutral Internet connection, an affordable home, and the ability to reach regional destinations on safe roads and reliable public transportation. Investing in these essential infrastructures can ensure those furthest from Rochester have access to the opportunities increasingly centralized there. 

Grow Our Vibrant Rural Communities

Families on farms energize our region’s rural economies and it’s essential to provide opportunities for families to remain on the land and in our communities. Investment in innovative conservation management practices, beginning farmers, and rural entrepreneurship can invite prosperity and continue to make Southeast Minnesota an exciting place to live, work, and visit for generations to come.