A Start in the Midwest

Jamie grew up in a blue-collar family in Dubuque, Iowa. Her mother worked part time driving school bus because her father’s union job (Operating Engineers Local 758) with a public employer provided him with the wages and benefits necessary to support their family.

An Education

Like many middle class first-generation college students, Jamie worked to support herself through college and was only able to achieve her dream of a higher education with the help of financial aid. She earned a master’s degree in psychology from a public university and began teaching psychology at Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) in 2007 where she continues to enjoy teaching the diverse students from across SE Minnesota. After earning her doctorate degree from Minnesota State University Mankato using the tuition benefit she was afforded through her union contract, she continued serving the students who choose RCTC to begin their higher education.

Starting a Family

Jamie met her husband Ryan in 2008 when he was living near his family farm in Southwest Minnesota. Ryan gleefully shares stories of his youth spent working and playing outdoors and his summers raising pigs to show at the State Fair. They married in 2010, settled in Rochester, and have added two dogs and two cats to their family.

Looking to the Future

For Jamie, opportunity meant access to higher education, but opportunity can mean a variety of things. Jamie is running for the Minnesota House of Representatives in district 25A because she believes our elected officials should work to cultivate the opportunities people need to prosper in our communities.